Online MLA courses

Since I am going to school as well as working full time, I don't feel I can travel to MLA meetings out of state. I have taken a couple on online MLA classes that have really challenged me. I am currently enrolled as a participant and instructor in the MLA Online Class Expert EBN and noticed that LibIdaho has posted another class that might interest some of you it is a self-paced online class on leadership being led by Pat Wagner for 8 MLA CE Credits. Contact for more information.

New WebJunction Course for medical library staff

Shirley Biladeau from the Idaho Commission for Libraries shared that WebJunction has a new course "SHELVING WITH NLM". The course objective includes how to accurately read shelves and properly file materials according the NLM standards.

You need to create a WebJunction account and access the course via the WebJunction Idaho home page. Call Shirley for more information 208-639-4149.

I took the class, it is too basic for a librarian but just perfect for volunteers who might be returning books to your shelves.

In the spotlight

I was lucky enough to be selected by MLA News for the May 2009 member spotlight. I shared the link with IHIA members, now on to everyone who cares about IHIA. I am enjoying my new celebrity status! Kathy

Marcia Francis shared disaster preparedness links

Here are the links to the emergency preparedness resources we discussed at the IHIA meeting.



NN/LM Emergency Preparedness & Response Toolkit:

NN/LM Emergency Preparedness & Response Toolkit (~12 minute tutorial covering navigating the Toolkit):

Emergency Preparedness and Response in the Pacific Northwest Region (includes contact information for ): 

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