Program plans

I am working on getting the Spring meeting program ready for May 8, 2009 in Twin Falls. The program agenda has been set and is available on this site in the Spring 2009 CITATION. Thanks to Pam and Jean for contributing ideas.

Spring 2009

I know I am getting ready for some warm sunny weather. How about joining me in Twin Falls on May 8th, 2009 for the annual IHIA meeting?  We are planning an educational session and of course a great opportunity to network. I need your help with putting together the spring CITATION and setting our meeting agenda. Please contact with me with news for our newsletter and program interests.

Keeping up with PubMed Changes

I am finding some of the changes in PubMed's display to my liking.  I was unhappy when I had to keep hitting my return key to get back to my single citation matcher from the blue side bar, but the new advanced search screen keeps the citation matcher in the body all the time. LOVE THAT!

I have decided all the software engineers are trying to help me age better. They are keeping my brain exercised and improving my mental flexibilty by constantly changing things. I am grateful, I will not have to buy any Ginko, I am a PubMed user!

Nominate a librarian for MLA award - By November 1st.

The Thomson Reuters/Frank Bradway Rogers Information Advancement Award – Recognize Technological Innovation in Health Science Information

Go Local

Iowa has just added their Go Local link in Medline Plus. So far the only interest in taking on this project for Idaho has come from Beth Hill at Kootenai Regional Medical Center.

Think about this project and brings ideas to our annual spring meeting coming up Friday May 16th in Boise.

See you there!

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