Member Activities & Newsletter

IHIA members are individuals or organizations with a serious interest in the acquistion, organization and/or dissemination of health information to health professionals and/or health care consumers.  Read our history below. 

IHIA members generally have at least one meeting a year and publish a newsletter the Citation. They share information to improve the quality of health information available in Idaho.

Latest Association News: 

  • The November 2011 IHIA Phone Conference was held Thursday, November 17th 2011.  The minutes are posted on the Executive Board page. 
  • The Spring 2011 IHIA Meeting was not held due to the special opportunity to participate in the 2011 Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association (PNC/MLA) annual conference held in Boise October 15-18.  It was a very successful event.  Read the blog post by MLA Past President Ruth Holst who attended.  For those who could not attend, you will find the program and other information on the meeting website
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